Taste of Change is one of Canada’s organizations that aims to promote food sovereignty and food security. The organization advocates that food is a public good and all citizens have the right to it. Rather than food being a commodity, the group is committed to promoting food sustainability and having an adequate supply for everyone.

Our goal is to help enhance the quality of agroecology practices to achieve a more sustainable food system for future generations. This means that all processes beginning from harvesting to processing to distribution will be adequate for all people. It also aims to provide livelihoods to people.

Moreso, Taste of Change seeks to ensure that safe and healthy food is provided to all citizens. People from all levels should have access to clean, healthy, and nourishing food—food that is chemical-free and less genetically engineered. Before it reaches the public, any novel food being introduced in the market should have the necessary testing and must be able to pass all requirements

We are here to influence change in our current food system. Our mission is to help educate people on food policy and varying food practices. We are also willing to support researches and campaigns to further increase learning.