What Does the Federal Budget Mean for the Food Movement?

The social movements are being attended by the Canadian government and proof for this is the provision of a budget to address food security concerns.

Canadians living in poverty and those that have been severely affected by the pandemic have received a budget that will support these individuals. There has been also an allocation for the North part of Canada and to the indigenous community.

Moreover, the government finally understands that nature-based solutions can successfully address our climate change and economic targets. With this, new funding has been provided to support farmers and protect farms, as well as to power farms for more climate-friendly practices. Aside from farms, water resources have also received support, particularly in conserving wild Pacific salmon populations.

Canada still needs a lot of catching up when it comes to food and agriculture policy to ensure a sustainable future and resilience. But the allocation of budget and including the topics about agricultural and food policy in economic discussions is a milestone for the food movement.  What matters is that such issues are being openly talked about now in the government.

Another important thing to note is that Canada is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic when it comes to budget allocation. For now, Canada is focusing its emergency response to the pandemic. The coming months are crucial; what the government will do after will determine whether transforming its emergency response to long-term programs to help Canada build its resilience and sustainability will be a success.

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