To eliminate inequities and disparities in the current food system, Food Justice is designed to ensure that food is shared fairly. Power dynamics significantly influence food beginning from growing food to production to transportation to distribution, power dynamics.

The concept of food justice lingers on addressing colonialism and racism. To reach a just and sustainable food system, issues relating to people of colour, Black communities, and indigenous people should be tackled.

Questions such as the following can help us see the bigger picture:

  • Who makes the decisions when it comes to food?
  • Who can access the land and the production processes?
  • Who are mostly affected environmentally speaking?
  • Does everyone have access to culturally appropriate, nutritious, and healthy food?

These are just some of the questions we can ask ourselves and as we work on improving our food systems, the harsh realities involving marginalized sectors should not be neglected.

We are a step closer to food justice once we learned to address racial justice.