3 Key Opportunities After 2020 Throne Speech

On September 23, 2020, a throne speech was given by Governor General Julie Payette formally opening the Parliament session. Throne speeches introduce the direction and goals of the federal government. Similar to a to-do list, throne speeches, outlines the priorities that the current government is eyeing to accomplish.

After so many years, it was this year when mentions about farmers, food supply chains, and food insecurity have been touched on again. Especially in this time of the pandemic, it is important to discuss these matters as we navigate and continue to build resiliency.

The speech mentions the government’s promises and what it pledges about food, systemic racism, as well as its plans for indigenous people and racialized communities.

The three key opportunities for improvement are as follows:

1. Implementation of a National School Food Program

Developing a National School Food Program requires consistency and collaboration. Canada with the help of indigenous leaders, provinces, and territories can help make this program work, especially now that schools are opening. The success of the National School Food Program can yield multiple benefits for the economy, environment, health, and social justice.

2. Establishing a universal livable income floor

The focus of this is more on mandating a liveable minimum wage, that also includes workers in the gig economy and those who are self-employed. Along with government supports and a well-designed universal liveable income floor, it can be a step towards ensuring that no worker is left behind.

3. Decolonization and anti-racism to be part of all policies and programs

The pandemic has significantly affected racialized Canadians. To help support racialized populations this time, more targeted funding, policies, and programs must be implemented. The government needed to work double-time to reduce food insecurity in Black communities.

The throne speech has been encouraging for the citizens. And while the government is working on these promises, Taste of Change will keep a check on improvements and will hold officials accountable for the goals they have set.

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