Food sustainability has now become an increasing concern for Canadians. With more people struggling to put healthy food on their tables, this topic has earned an increasing priority. It was also found out that unhealthy and processed foods are currently the cause of a high number of deaths in the country.

Therefore, addressing the needs of Canada’s food system will help deal with other urgent issues in the environment, economy, and health sector, too.

A campaign involving Five Big Ideas aims to reach the federal policymakers to have a better food system.

1. Realize the human right to food

The government has the duty to ensure that its citizens have access to appropriate and adequate food.

2. Champion healthy and sustainable diets

More support is needed to have healthy food choices for citizens. Addressing unhealthy diets will help reduce obesity, unhealthy food-related diseases, and the impact these all have on the environment and climate change.

3. Support sustainable food systems

The current food production and distribution systems of Canada hugely contribute to climate change. The current practices all lead to loss of biodiversity, air pollution, and soil contamination.

4. Make food a part of reconciliation

In the past, food has become a tool to oppress marginalized sectors in Canada. But the same food can become a way to achieve reconciliation and healing.

5. Invite more voices to the table

This calls for the need to join the efforts and talks when it comes to food production. Join the conversation to be able to build a more sustainable, healthy, and economic food system.

It’s high time we take part in eliminating hunger and improving our food. Let’s make Canada a more sustainable and healthier country.