The 10 Best Foods to Avoid Vaping and Save Your Lungs

When done correctly and safely, vaping is often recognized as a healthier or better alternative to smoking tobacco. However, just because you’re going for your vape for the 40th time doesn’t really mean you don’t have to care about your lungs’ safety.  After all, Bargain E-Juice is still inhaling foreign substances, and the long-term consequences of our current fav pastime are obscured by the greasy cloak of time.

Foods to Avoid Vaping

What Foods to Consume

Vaping, such as conventional cigarette smoking, can induce mucus development in our lungs, or more specifically, nicotine-containing e-liquids can hinder mucus clearance, raising the risk of damage and contamination.

Mucociliary dysfunction is a prevalent hallmark of many lung disorders, including COPD and asthma, promoting mucus buildup and high viscosity.

Furthermore, vaping causes acidic pH concentrations in the body, including free radical molecules, and it lowers oxygen levels in the blood – all of which affect the lungs.

It may seem far-fetched, but the appropriate meals can aid in the restoration of our lungs and systems to a better situation after a lengthy period of daily vaping and the harm described above, perhaps reducing the risk of infection and discomfort.

Consume Alkaline-Rich Foods

These can help to counteract the acidic pH level in our bloodstream, which, if left unchecked, can lead to kidney problems. Some of these foods include:


Include leafy greens and root veggies in your meals in particular.

Every Bit of Fruit

Apples, oranges, bananas, and lemons, for example, are higher in alkaline than others.


Cinnamon, ginger, and curry, for example, are alkaline-rich spices.


Unfortunately, this does not mean eating a hamburger, but proteins found in nuts like almonds and nuts.

Boost Your Blood Oxygen Levels

Incorporating chlorophyll in your meals is an excellent method to boost your blood oxygen levels while also working as a cleaner for your blood and tissues, particularly your lungs. Some of the food items that boost oxygen levels include:

Wheatgrass Juice

This product has been present in our preferred smoothie stores for a long time, and there’s even more reason to include it in a fruity beverage.

Sprouted Seeds

The sprouting procedure boosts seed nutrients by increasing folate, magnesium, and, as an additional perk, protein contents.


This blue-green algae, which we’ve been putting to smoothies for years, is incredibly nutritious by itself, recognized for increasing metabolism and serving as an antitoxin.

Consume Food That Is Rich in Antioxidants

In all of its tasty varieties, antioxidants could help fight the effects of free radicals produced by vaping, even if only in small amounts. The best sources for antioxidants are typically:


Any berry can do, but blackberries and blueberries are particularly delicious.

Orange Fruits and Veggies

Orange is a nice color to go for – mango, carrot, pumpkin, apricot – even if it seems arbitrary.


Antioxidant power is high in bulb veggies, including onion, garlic, and leek.


Whenever it comes down to it, the ideal strategy to prevent the harmful effects of vaping is to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general.

So, when it comes to minimizing the consequences of vaping on your health and respiratory, getting more exercise, reducing stress, and even having a dust-free house are all reasonable alternatives.

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