Prime Minister Justin Trudeau helped set new priorities for the incoming health minister a few years ago. Trudeau had big ideas on how to address public health concerns through offering healthy food choices. Diet is found to be a crucial cause of death in many Canadians, and this compelled the government to promote Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy.

Canada released a new Food Guide and regulations on trans fat were introduced. Strong leadership is needed this time to protect the public and keep public interest. If Canada wants healthier people, communities, and economies, then a transition to a better and more sustainable food system is one of the ways to take care of the public interest.

Canada’s Food Guide was launched with the intention to educate Canadians on what and how to eat. It aims to encourage the public to be more mindful of highly processed foods and start eating a more plant-based diet.

Another strategy called Front-of-Packaging Labelling is also beneficial since food labels will help in identifying which foods are healthier to consume. A Composition such as saturated fat, sugar, sodium, healthy oils, salt will be indicated. Ultra-processed foods are harmful to children, and these labels will help increase public awareness of unhealthy food choices that are out in the market.