Working Together to Build Sustainable Food Systems: A View from Quebec

As Canada is on the road to recovering from the pandemic, a lot of strategies and priorities are being proposed that should be looked into as we move forward. Quebec has been one of the places where the crisis is overwhelming. This sparked conversations on how Canada can better take care of individuals hit hardly by the pandemic.

There are a lot of valuable lessons we can learn from Quebec when it comes to sustainable food and building a suitable system for everyone.

Encourage buying local

Quebec has placed a dedicated station where consumers can buy local produce. Online tools are also maximized to give way for online orders. At this point in time, online ordering platforms are helping revolutionize local businesses in Quebec.

Strengthen local production

Due to the pandemic, importing food products became a struggle. And since Quebec has an abundance of hydroelectricity, the Quebec government is now looking into doing urban agriculture to expand food production.

Responding to food insecurity considering the future

As we are becoming concerned about access to healthy food, and that the issue of food security has been worsened by the current pandemic, more initiatives must be put in place in order to respond not only to the current situation but also to prepare for the future and better manage food production.

Draw lessons from this crisis

Quebec is driven to do things differently and better this time. While we are on the way to recovery, we have to make sure that the innovative solutions we have at the moment can bring about systemic changes and lasting change.

Quebec has inspired a food movement not only in Canada but also in the rest of the world. Self-reliance and food security are significant concerns that need to be addressed to make sure that all households will be able to put food on their table.

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