Taste of Change has several networks that allow you to get in touch with people with the same interest, discuss valuable topics, and exchange ideas about current issues. Our community of networks connects people across Canada.

Institutional Food Program

The goal of this program is to expand the sources of sustainable and fresh food within Canada. It aims to improve the current food production and systems in the country.

Biotechnology (CBAN)

This network is about research and studying further the impacts of genetic modification when it comes to farming and food production.

Provincial / Territorial Networks

Taste of Change maintains communication with representatives of food security networks and organizations.

Healthy School Food

Advocates for a national school food program come together in this network. Everyone with the goal of enabling each school in Canada to have healthier meals for students is welcome to join the network.

Community-Academic Collaborative

This group aims to strengthen the relationship between the academic sector and the community to further upgrade the food security in Canada within communities. It also intends to improve and focus more on doing collaborative research that will benefit the community at large.

Indigenous Circle

Both indigenous and non-indigenous members can join this group to come up with strategies that will help ensure food sovereignty.

Youth Caucus

Most members joining this network are from ages 30 and below. This group is devoted to educate and mobilize the youth in matters relating to food security issues.

Northern and Remote Food

This group supports people who are into working with remote communities and in the Northern parts of Canada to ensure food security and food sovereignty.