The current government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tasked the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food to lead the creation of a Food Policy for Canada. From thousands of feedbacks from public consultations, finally, the government is allocating funds for these initiatives.

Why is a National Food Policy needed?

Canada needs a national policy on food because its food system needs to be stabilized. Canada is a top exporter in agriculture, but four million Canadians struggle when it comes to food security. Especially in indigenous populations, food insecurity is rampant, and hunger is widespread in Canada’s northern parts. There are even reports that food-related chronic diseases are increasing since highly processed foods dominate the Canadian diet. Thus, instead of importing, it will be more beneficial to the economy if Canada will start growing and processing its own food.

This national food policy can guide policies and monitor the implementation of various plans. It also aims to hear the public’s voice and incorporate the necessary changes for a more successful policy.

Get involved

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