With its luscious taste and natural sweetness, maple syrup is a treasured delight enjoyed by people around the globe. It’s normal to wonder where maple syrup comes from. This exquisite golden liquid, extracted from the sap of sugar maple trees, has its largest and most influential producer in the picturesque landscapes of Canada.
Renowned for its maple syrup production, Canada has carved out a reputation as the world’s maple syrup superpower, with the province of Quebec leading the charge.
What are the…

When done correctly and safely, vaping is often recognized as a healthier or better alternative to smoking tobacco. However, just because you’re going for your vape for the 40th time doesn’t really mean you don’t have to care about your lungs’ safety.  After all, Bargain E-Juice is still inhaling foreign substances, and the long-term consequences of our current fav pastime are obscured by the greasy cloak of time.

The social movements are being attended by the Canadian government and proof for this is the provision of a budget to address food security concerns.
Canadians living in poverty and those that have been severely affected by the pandemic have received a budget that will support these individuals. There has been also an allocation for the North part of Canada and to the indigenous community.
Moreover, the government finally understands that nature-based solutions can successfully address our climate change and economic targets. With this, new funding has been provided to support farmers and protect farms, as well as to power …

As Canada is on the road to recovering from the pandemic, a lot of strategies and priorities are being proposed that should be looked into as we move forward. Quebec has been one of the places where the crisis is overwhelming. This sparked conversations on how Canada can better take care of individuals hit hardly by the pandemic.
There are a lot of valuable lessons we can learn from Quebec when it comes to sustainable food and building a suitable system for everyone.
Encourage buying local
Quebec has placed a dedicated station where consumers can buy local produce. Online tools are also maximized to give way for …

On September 23, 2020, a throne speech was given by Governor General Julie Payette formally opening the Parliament session. Throne speeches introduce the direction and goals of the federal government. Similar to a to-do list, throne speeches, outlines the priorities that the current government is eyeing to accomplish.
After so many years, it was this year when mentions about farmers, food supply chains, and food insecurity have been touched on again. Especially in this time of the pandemic, it is important to discuss these matters as we navigate and continue to build resiliency.
The speech mentions the government’s promises…